Import Products from Excel

Click on Products > Import from Excel

Inside this tool you can download a template to start loading your products in your account or, if you already have products loaded, download your current products to make all the changes you need.

Just follow the instructions on screen and download the file you need.

After download the file, make your changes. Do not change the first row where the titles are.

This columns can not be empty:

  • Name
  • Code
  • Retail Price
  • Cost
  • Current Stock
  • Stock Alarm
  • (*) Unit of Measure

(*) To set the Unit of Measure use this codes:

  • Milimeters: mm
  • Centimeters: cm
  • Meters: mts
  • Grams: gr
  • Kilograms: kg
  • Tons: tn
  • Liters: lts
  • Mililiters: mlts
  • Inches: in
  • Foot: ft
  • Yards: yd
  • Miles: mi
  • Ounces: oz
  • Pounds: lb
  • Quantity: qty

Don't leave blank rows or the process will stop.

Save the file with your changes and upload it.

If we detect any errors the process will stop and report what's wrong.

If you want to update an existing product the name and code must remain the same, if not, a new product will be created.

Remember that you can not have more than one product with the same name and code.
You can only import 1.000 product per file. Ex: To import 3.000 products you will have to upload 3 files with 1.000 each